Alert #218: 3/21/2013

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What’s an Illegal Security?
Zeek Rewards: Case Study 

What’s an Illegal Security?

And why should anyone involved in M.L.M. care?

Truly Special should have cared. International Heritage should have cared. More recently Funky Sharkshould have cared. Zeek Rewards reps really should have cared.

This could apply to any company, or more likely to distributor groups within a company. For example, company’s that offer “founder’s positions”, or “shares of the company”, or distributors who hype “spill over”, or promise they’ll “do all the work for you”, or will “build your downline” for you.
And there’s a lot of them.

Case Study: Zeek Rewards
Why Zeek rewards? Because they hit a triple. The trifecta. The hat trick. They were accused by the SEC of being all three – a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme, and an illegal security.
In this video I’ll explain why Zeek Rewards was very likely not a Ponzi Scheme, probably was a security, and was one of the most obvious, slam dunk pyramid schemes I’ve ever seen.

Len Clements
MarketWave, Inc.


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