Alert #221: 4/26/2013

Corporate Hype  
INM Podcast is Back! 

Corporate Hype

The subject of Part 7 of my Inside Network Marketing video blog series deals with the claims that are often made by M.L.M. companies which are usually technically true, but not always entirely true.

This analysis of corporate hype includes a series of real world examples and offers a number of ways to detect such deceptions and how to get to the truth. There are also two case studies at the end related to a couple of companies that claim to be experiencing massive growth. Are they? You decide.

I’ve found that when I record video blogs entries I seem to enter some alternate universe where for every minute I think I’m speaking three minutes actually pass. This segment is 31 minutes long, but I swear it felt like 10 minutes when I recorded it. But hey, that’s the beauty of recorded video and audio blogs. You can always stop it and come back to listen to the rest later.

For the record, all this applies to a minority of M.L.M. companies – but still way too many.

Inside Network Marketing Podcast is Back

The first edition of the new INM podcast reboot is a little rough. I’m not pleased with the sound quality (I’ll fix that before the next one, I promise), and I’d like my new co-host, Cathy, to show off her intellect and sense of humor a little more. I asked her to allow me to do most of the talking and she mistakenly did as I asked (the irony of that will be clear when you listen to the show). The topic was M.L.M. products. Not so much about product claims, but more from the standpoint of how goofy and absurd a lot of what we offer, as an industry, can be. We (mostly I) rip on Amega’s magic wand, of course, but also products like canned air, sour milk perfume, soap formulated by God, and what will likely the the most controversial… homeopathy.

You can check out the new INM podcast here:

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