Alert #222: 9/12/2013

Inside Empower Network
The Most Interesting MLM Program I’ve Ever Reviewed

A Rare, Honest, Objective Review of Empower Network

Over the last five months I have been focused on two major projects (besides my regular consulting activities) that became a bit more overwhelming that I had anticipated. One is still a secret, so can’t say much more than NO, I’m not starting an M.L.M. company. But it is something that is much needed, and I think will create quite a buzz throughout the industry, The most time devouring of the two projects was my Empower Network review. I explain why in the latest edition of my Inside Network Marketing video blog:

You can read the actual review here:

You can also listen to my interview with EN co-founder Dave Wood in the latest Inside Network Marketing podcast here:

This review started out to be like most others I have done. That is, a couple of weeks of research and 10-15 pages of writing. It didn’t end that way. About six months of research and 51 pages of writing later I can honestly say this was one of the most fascinating company reviews I have ever undertaken. EN is controversial and has been the subject of a lot of criticism, and for the most part, for good reason. This review did turn more towards the positive the deeper I dug (I usually find more dirt) but didn’t quite make it all the way to the green side of the meter. But call them what you will, just don’t call them evasive. Their willingness to provide me with even the most intimate financial details of their operation was astounding, and The Davids (co-founders Wood and Sharpe) have no skeletons in their closet. Not that they don’t have skeletons. They’re just not in their closet. In fact, they pretty much drag them right out on stage with them at every live event or video they produce (especially Sharpe). And if you think I’m verbose (I prefer prolific) due to my numerous tangents and tendency to over-explain, wait until you hear the interview. Dave Wood makes me seem pithy. The result of all this is a 51 page review, but one that early feedback suggests is a surprisingly easy and interesting read, even for those not particularly interested in Empower Network itself. I hope you agree.

It’s also the last such review I will ever write. At least for free.

Frankly, I’m tired of providing at no cost what M.L.M. companies are paying compliance, marketing, and compensation plan consultants thousands of dollars for. I’ve done enough of these reviews to demonstrate the level of fairness, accuracy, and research I employ, and if anyone wants their M.L.M. program subjected to this level of analysis and scrutiny by all means, let me know. But this will be the last such review I will publicly provide, at least in writing. This Empower Network review was the primary reason you have not seen a single video blog, podcast, or Alert coming from MarketWave in over five months. It’s just too time consuming, and I’ve got too much else to say.

So do expect to see a lot more activity here at “Inside Network Marketing” in the weeks ahead. 

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