Alert #226: 4/30/2014

New Podcast Posted

The Truth About the Herbalife Attacks

Is Vemma MLM? The Final Word

Is Herbalife Under “FBI Criminal Investigation”?


That, and a lot of other bovine poop circulating throughout cyberspace and the media, is one of the two major topics on edition #26 of the Inside Network Marketing podcast.

Is Vemma Still Not MLM?

Randy, Cathy and I (mostly I), make our final points regarding Vemma’s alleged departure from MLM and more towards “affiliate marketing”. We (mostly me) also deconstruct my recent interview with Vemma Founder and CEO B.K. Boreyko.

And seriously, it will be the last word on the subject. Everything that needs to be said has been said.

Barry Minkow: Where is he Now?

Those of you who were around way back in 2007-08 (in MLM years, that’s a long time ago) will probably remember Barry Minkow. He was the guy who blazed the trail for unethical short sellers like Bill Ackman to bash public MLM companies so as to profit from the resulting drop in their stock price. Barry tried this on USANA, Medifast, Pre-Paid Legal (now the privately held Legal Shield) and, yes, Herbalife. When he tried the same extortion scheme on Lennar (the second largest home builder in the U.S.) he was found guilty of stock fraud and sent back to prison – for the second time (he also perpetrated a massive stock fraud back in the 80s).

So where is he now? Back in prison – for the third time.


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