Inside Network Marketing

The Seminar

Become Your Company’s MLM Guru!

Visit fabulous Las Vegas and spend an entire day with one of the very few court
certified experts on network marketing – and have Uncle Sam pay your entry fee!

And you’ll be only one of TWELVE attendees!

This event will essentially be Len’s already controversial “Inside Network Marketing” seminar, but with a brand new, razor sharp edge to it. This eye-opening, no holds barred meeting will be like no other you have ever attended. This isn’t going to be a bunch of “insider secrets” on how to succeed at this business – in fact, the notion that such information would ever be kept “secret” is exactly the type of hype we’re going to expose! This will be more “insider secrets” from a corporate, consultant, expert witness, and compensation plan designer standpoint. It’ll be like spending the day with David Copperfield or Lance Burton to learn how all the magic tricks work. Once you are armed with this kind of knowledge, all the MLM illusions will forever lose their power to persuade.

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll discover:

  • What defines a legal MLM vs. an illegal pyramid scheme?
    Think you already know? You’re going to be shocked.
  • Policy & Procedure gotcha’s “they” don’t want you to know about.
    Get ready to get PO’ed when you read your P&Ps.
  • Product claims: What we can’t say will astonish you!
    And why most companies are saying it anyway.
  • Romantic Semantics: Deciphering MLM’s deceptive language.
    How to spot when you’re being baffled with BS.
  • Compensation plan gimmicks and games.
    Is a plan designed to compensation, or manipulate?
  • Why MLM companies fail, and why they go into momentum.
    And how to spot both from a lightyear away.
  • Who’s really making the money, and how.
    Two paths to success: Hard work and The Deal.

And yes, they’ll be some “Out of the Box”
techniques and strategies for achieving success as well!

  • The ONE and ONLY qualifying question you’ll ever need.
  • Know exactly what targets to aim for, and what traps to avoid, in 5 minutes!
  • Increase retention by only 5%, and add a digit to your income in a year.
  • Why we’re taught to out recruit attrition, and why it’s a sham.
  • A map to the land of 100,000 future MLM superstars.
  • And why so many of us are so needlessly afraid to go there.
  • The single worst closing techniques in MLM history!
    And why they’re so often taught.
  • How to handle any objection.
    And it’s not on your upline’s trite list of canned clichés!
  • How to USE rather than ABUSE the internet.
    Why social networking isn’t working.
  • How to be a Black Belt at MLM Judo.
    Turn your competitor’s hype and bashing against them!

These will be among some of the many topics covered in this honest, detailed dissection of an often confusing and misunderstood industry.

This candid and sometimes humorous exploration of our unique profession offers many unorthodox but ethical methods used to build large organizations and provides you with the ammunition to expose and debunk the hype and lies that can be used against you by less honorable competitors. 

$99 per person

Includes the entire Product Combo Special (a $33.77 value)

Plus, earn a $25 referral bonus!
Make a weekend trip to Vegas tax deductible!

9:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 to 1:00 Meeting
1:00 to 2:00 Working lunch (included)
2:00 to 4:00 Meeting
6:30 to 9:30 Dinner and a Vegas show ($85 – optional)

To host an Inside Network Marketing seminar
just call 800-688-4766 and leave your contact information,
or email:

The seminar does not have to be held in Las Vegas. A percentage of profits will go to the event sponsor (based on number of attendees).