Alert #223: 12/17/2013


The Academy of Multilevel Marketing
Oscars, Emmys, Tonys… and Tammys!

I know it’s been a while since my last Alert, but I can now reveal the second major project that has kept me busy (the other being my Empower Network encyclopedia).

I’m sure you are aware of the various “Best of” polls that are promoted around the industry, which really reveal little more than which distributor group can best promote the poll. There are certainly a number of more reputable and prestigious awards distributed annually, but they are limited either to those who are members of the awarder’s organization, clients of their firm, or a resident of a certain city or state (or, in some cases, to only those willing to attend the awards ceremony). Even among those very few exceptions the awards are selected by an elite panel of internal judges, not an academy of industry leaders, authorities and experienced veterans.

That’s why I founded The Academy of Multilevel Marketing.

TAMM currently has over 100 voting members who will participate in the nomination, and ultimate awarding, of what I’m sure will inevitably be called “Tammys”.

The categories to be awarded for 2013 are:


Over 40% of Academy members are industry authorities who have no direct MLM company affiliations, and the others are respected leaders who have pledged, and we trust, will be objective and fair in their voting. Of course, the larger and more diversified the voting pool the more accurate – and credible – the results (per the “The Wisdom of Crowds” concept). So if you would like to nominate other knowledgeable, objective leaders to be an Academy member, or volunteer your own services, please do so by applying HERE. However, no more than 3% of all Academy members can have a direct affiliation with the same company, so we will need to know what affiliations, if any, that you have. This information, and your Academy membership, will be strictly confidential. Members will be provided a professionally produced graphic image to display online that distinguishes them as an Academy member, but members are under no obligation to use it.

We have also formed a TAMM Board of Directors who have helped to developed this concept, and who will oversee, audit and certify the nomination and voting process. They are (alphabetically): Mel Atwood, Len Clements, Kevin Grimes, Dr. Charles King, Bret Matheny, Michele McDonough, Kevin Thompson, Lisa Wilber, and Doris Wood.

TAMM has already raised over $10,000 in sponsorships from various industry company’s vendors and individual leaders, so our awards will be world class, with each category nominee receiving a beautiful, engraved plaque, and winners receiving an all Chrystal trophy like the one in our logo. You’ll see a lot of diamond shapes in our imagery and awards, which represented the true shape of an MLM organization.Sponsors will be acknowledged at all TAMM events and will be prominently recognized on the TAMM website. If you are interested in sponsoring TAMM please let us know.

To be clear, we have absolutely no intention of TAMM becoming an industry trade association. We have enough of those already. This is simply a group of like minded industry leaders who wish to provide, for the first time, the most coveted, valued commodity an MLM company or service provider could possibly attain…

Real, well earned, credibility.

Credibility based on value and merit – not who drives the most traffic to a particular website, offers the most valuable reciprocation, or is simply the hottest or fastest growing.

Please visit the TAMM website at If you would like more information about The Academy of Multilevel Marketing please eMail me at

Favorite Company Vote – Exclusive Contact Listing

Speaking of those “best of” polls that are for “entertainment purposes only”, the vote for 2013 is nearing an end, so get in there and support your company!

Also, for only $9.95 a month (or $99.95 annually) you can have your exclusive contact information (only yourinfo is listed) appear if anyone clicks on your company name on the Favorite Company Vote list. Many of these spots usually get grabbed up quickly after the New Year so now is the time to secure the contact listing for your company. Check it out here:

Creating Lifetime Income & A Joy-Filled Business

This is a free webinar produced by my friend Zazz Daniel which I will also be participating in. Zazz and I have a very different philosophy when it comes to M.L.M. training than most. For one thing (out of many), we tend to place a little more emphasize on ethics and integrity. For example, we’ll never advise you to call your college roommate after 20 years and pretend like you suddenly became interested in how they are doing, or troll the online job seeker sites to bait and switch them onto attending an opportunity presentation. Also, Zazz is one of the very few trainers I know who understands that hype not only doesn’t work, but a truthful, evenanti-hype approach to prospecting works best!

The webinar will be held this Thursday, December 19th, at 11:00 am PST (2:00 pm EST).

Check out this personal video invitation from Zazz HERE.

To learn more about this webinar, and to enroll, visit

Please support this training. If enough leaders embrace these concepts and philosophies we can actually turn the hypie, utterly inaccurate but common claim that “M.L.M. is gaining respect and credibility” into anactual fact.

Thanks for your support!

Len Clements
Founder & CEO
MarketWave Inc.