MarketWave, Inc. was created in 1990 to fill the growing need for accurate, objective research and analysis of the network marketing industry and its companies. As the founder and CEO of MarketWave, Inc. I have applied full time effort over the past 26 years into the study of various aspects on the MLM profession, with a primary focus on historical trends and patterns that have resulted in success, and failure, by both distributors and companies.

MarketWave originally launched as a “Consumer Report” type publication which studied and evaluated various MLM programs, eventually amassing over 13,500 paid subscribers in 16 countries. This newsletter evolved into a free “MLM Alerts” eLetter. I have also authored the nationally published book “Inside Network Marketing” (Random House), hosted a live radio program (KSCO) and now a podcast show of the same name, and produced several audio training products as well.

As a successful distributor for three MLM opportunities (one of which I was the #1 earner for 8 of 10 years), and having served in senior management positions of three MLM companies (including CEO), I have gained the necessary knowledge and experience to be certified as an “expert” in the field of network marketing by a court of law. I have served as an expert witness in numerous cases primarily dealing with wrongful termination and the assessment of damages, as well as illegal pyramid cases.

Leonard W. Clements

1572 Rock Island Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89110

Office: (702) 914-1771
Fax: (702) 914-1770
Facebook: /LenClements
Twitter: /MWave1
LinkedIn: /pub/Len-Clements/4/207/ab2

Len Clements
  • Founder & CEO of MarketWave, Inc.
    October 1990 – Present

    Research, Advocacy, Education, and Consulting organization serving the Direct Sales industry.
  • Founder & Chairman of The Academy of Multilevel Marketing , LLC.
    January 2013 – Present

    Recognition and awarding organization serving the multilevel marketing industry.
  • Vice President of Market Research of Zenza Life Sciences, LLC
    August 2005 – April 2008
    A health, nutrition and personal care based network marketing company.
  • Co-Founder and CEO of Epic Network International, LLC
    May 2004 – June, 2005
    A health & nutrition based network marketing company.
  • Publisher and Editor of MarketWave Alert Letter 
    Industry “watchdog” newsletter focusing on MLM opportunity evaluation.
    Published from January 1990 through December 1997 as MarketWave (12,900 paid subscribers).
    Published from December 1998 to present as MarketWave Alert Letter (5,700 free subscribers).
  • Author of Inside Network Marketing
    Educational book (302 pages).

    Originally self published June, 1994.
    Published by Prima Publishing – May, 1995.
    Published by Random House – April, 2001
    Reacquired publishing rights – January, 2002
  • Host of Inside Network Marketing, a live call-in radio show
    KSCO, 1080 am.  January 2000 to February 2001.
    Covered west/central California & streamed online.
    Currently offered as a semi-monthly podcast.
  • Publisher of It’s Time – For Network Marketing
    Educational/Promotional book (351 pages).

    Self published – August, 2007.
  • Conducts Inside Network Marketing seminars
    Four hour, generic, educational MLM presentation.

    Over 120 presentations, from October 1990 to present.
    United States, Canada, Mexico, Trinidad, South Korea, Japan and Russia.
  • Creator of Case Closed! The Whole Truth About Network Marketing
    Generic, 30 minute recruiting cassette tape.
    Writer, producer and speaker.
  • Creator of The Coming Network Marketing Boom
    Generic, 40 minute promotional cassette tape.

    Writer and speaker.
  • Creator of The Only Qualifying Question You’ll Ever Need
    Generic, 30 minute educational cassette tape.

    Writer, editor and speaker.
  • Network Marketing distributor
    1979 to 1980: Nature Slim

    1989 to 1990: Charles J. Givens Organization
    1991 to 1992: Nu Skin International
    1992 to 1993: Outback Secrets (#1 earner)
    1994 to 1995: Beverly Hills International (#2 earner)
    1995 to 2003: Longevity Network (#1 earner)
    2008: Usana Health Sciences
    2009 to 2010: Yoli, LLC (Preferred Customer 2010 to Present)
  • Interviewed by:
    Dateline (NBC)
    The Wall Street Journal                                   
    Forbes Magazine
    New York Times
    Fox News (KTTV-LA)
    The Associated Press
    Rolling Stone
    Los Angeles Business Journal
    Bloomberg News
    Detroit Free Press

    Phoenix Magazine
    Topeka Journal, KS
    Philadelphia Enquirer
    Morning Call, PA
    Black Entrepreneur Magazine
    Income Opportunity Magazine
    New Business Opportunities
    Nutrition Business Journal
    Upline Journal (industry trade journal)
    Direct Selling News
    Richard Poe (author of “Wave Three” books)
    Aces Live Radio, BlogTalk Radio
    WBMW, Boston, MA, “Business Today Show”
    WXBY, Harrisburg, PA, “Bob Stafford Show”
    WBAI, New York, NY, “You and Your Money”
    KSCO, Santa Cruz, CA, “Saturday Special”
    KIEV, Los Angeles, CA, “Trends & Solutions”
    WKXL, Boston, MA, “Financial Spectrum”
    KRCN, Longmont, CO, “Home Based Business Live”
    KRCN, Longmont, CO, “Home Based Business Radio Show”
    KJYO, Oklahoma City, OK, “Home Business Show”
    WELW, Cleveland, OH, “Home-Based Business Show”
    KLAV, Las Vegas, NV, “The Networking Show” Internet Radio,
    WhiteSprings Media, “Home Based Business Show”
    Appeared in “The Downline” (award winning independent film)
  • Corporate Consulting Clients:
    Amway Franklin Quest Trump Network
    USANA FreeLife Bain & Co.
    Bethany College Bear-Stearns Golden Gate Capital
    Versa Capital Management Third Point LLC Hawkshaw Capital
    Swander Pace Capital Arbonne Cooking With Monkey
    Taconic Capital Advisors Irving Place Capital Centerbridge Partners
    Friedman Fleischer & Lowe Magnetar Capital Tiger Global
    MXI Corporation ZBS Radio Network Invus Group
    Cell Tech Heritage Health Products Ecolend
    Outback Secrets MarketShare AloeNique
    NAPA, Inc. Total Link Real Bella Homes
    New Vision Vision Diamond Falcon Meridian Wellness
    GRIIID (Brazil) Lois Yee Cosmetics Life Works
    United Feelings (Finland) Stimulife Lancie’
    Summertime (Mexico) Monatau Yoli, LLC
    LifeIs (India) Move My Net Worth GameWorking
    DoDidDone (Poland) Thrive, LLC LaBrada Systems
    VidaYum (Canada) Earthstone Full Life (Nexagen)
    Ocean Avenue Parago (Beget) Wealth Masters
    EMC, Inc. (Infinity Media) Pure Now AVAR Living
    Longevity Network PruvIt CoolTraderPro LLC
    Merchant Member Discount Club Dream Realty B.E.S.T.
    Lucky Strike Financial Halo Feel Great 365
    The Coffee Baron Adja OhMiBod
  • Featured Speaker:
    MLM After House – Radio Show: Regular Panelist (2014-present)
    Direct Selling Edge – MLM Start Up Conference (2013)
    ANMP Annual Conference (2009, 2012)
    Breakthrough Telesummit (2011)
    Authority Marketer Webinar Series (2011)
    DSWA National Convention (2011); DSWA Las Vegas Chapter (2008-2012)
    MLM Prosperity Retreat (2011)
    MLM University (1999-2006)
    ANMP Convention (2009, 2010); ANMP Training Calls (2009-2011)
    MLMIA Annual Convention (2006-2008); MLMIA Tele-Classes (2006-2010)
    The Greatest Networker Coaching Calls (2001-2005)
    Yoli, LLC (national convention, 2010)
    Network Marketing Mastermind Events (2003-2006)
    The Russian MLM Academy (2005)
    ForeverGreen (national convention, 2008)
    Epiphany Source faculty member (2007-2008)
    Isagenix (distributor training, 2003, 2006) training calls (2004)
    Matol Botanical (keynote, national convention, 2001, 2003)
    Cell Tech (keynote, national convention, 2002)
    ProStep, Inc. (national training call, 2002).
    Oxyfresh (regional training, 2002)
    Unicity (national training call, 2002) (featured “Leader”, 2000-2001)
    Network Marketing Millennium Cruise (featured speaker,1999)
    Longevity Network (national convention, 1997, 1998).
  • Magazines my articles have been featured in:
    Network Marketing Business Journal Opportunity Connection Home Business
    New Business Opportunities MLM Insider Upline Journal
    Cutting Edge Opportunities Jackpot Monthly Income Opportunities
    Network Times MLM Solutions Adventure Opportunities
    The Network Marketing Magazine Advantage Digest Network Opportunities
    Network Marketing Lifestyles Money & Profits The Network Trainer
    Profit Now MLM Today (Russia) Home Business Advertiser
  • Awards, Honors and Distinctions:
    “Industry Advocate of the Year” Winner – 2014; Academy of Multilevel Marketing (TAMM)
    “Industry Advocate of the Year” Nominee – 2013; Academy of Multilevel Marketing (TAMM)
    “Best of the Best” Award Winner – 2013, Multilevel Marketing International Association
    “Best of the Best” Award Nomination – 2011, 2012, Multilevel Marketing International Association
    “Best Corporate Consultant” Award – 2012, MLM Insider
    “Best MLM Trainer” Honorable Mention – 2012, MLM Insider
    “Power 50” (Most influential) – #42, 2011, Direct Selling Live
    “Top 5 Best Generic Trainers” – 2010 MLM Insider
    “Best Article” – December, 2008, Network Marketing Business School
    “52 Brightest Minds in Network Marketing” – 2007,
    “Visionary Award” – Longevity Network
    “Men of Distinction” – 1998, 99, 2000, International Network Marketing Directory
    “Best MLM Author” – 1997 MLM Insider Magazine
    “Best Compensation Plan Consultant” – 1996 MLM Insider Magazine
     Two time “Student of the Month”, 4.0 GPA, Heald Business College (1984-1985)
  • Association Memberships:
    Member – Mensa Society (155 IQ)

    Board Member (2009-2012) – Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP)
    [Chairman – Legal & Regulatory Affairs Committee]

    Member – Direct Selling Woman’s Alliance (DSWA)
    Board Member (2004-08) – Multilevel Marketing International Association (MLMIA)
    Member – National Association for the Self Employed (NASE)
    Member – Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI)
    Member – James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)
  • Previous Requests and Designations as Expert Witness:
    Hugh Sinclair, et. al. vs. Equinox International; William (Bill) Gouldd et al.
    Superior court of Washington. Case no. 95-2-00781-2.
              Fraud; Illegal Pyramid.
              Plaintiff represented by William Brandt, Kim Hoyt; Ferder, Brandt & Cooper, L.L.P.
              Defendant represented by Douglas Federspiel; Velikanje, Moore & Shore, Inc.
              Represented plaintiff. Parties settled before trial.
    Gary Benton, et. al. vs. Equinox International; William (Bill) Gouldd, et. al.
    In the 101st Judicial District, Dallas County, TX. Case no. 96-06905.
              Fraud; Illegal Pyramid.
              Plaintiff represented by William Brandt, Carla French; Ferder, Brandt & Cooper, L.L.P.
              Defendant represented by J. Stephen Ravel; Bickerstaff, Heath, Smiley & Pollan, L.L.P.
              Represented plaintiff. Parties settled before trial.
    Catherine Powers vs. Equinox International; Advance Marketing Seminars and William Gouldd.
    Maricopa County, Case no. CV 97-11774.
              Fraud; Illegal Pyramid.
              Plaintiff represented by Alfred Ricciardi; Robins & Green, P.A.
              Defendant represented by Troy Froderman, Pamela S. Gates; Bryan Cave, L.L.P.
              Represented plaintiff. Parties settled before trial.
    Russ DeVan vs. Longevity Network, Ltd.
              Privately arbitrated in Henderson, NV.
              Wrongful Termination.
              Plaintiff represented by David Eisenstein.
              Defendant represented by D.J. Poyfair.
              Represented defendant. Parties settled before ruling (plaintiff was not reinstated).
    Kansas City Attorney General vs. The Tax People (aka Renaissance).
    Third Judicial District, Topeka, KS. Case no. 00-C-1394.
             Fraud; Deceptive Trade Practices; Illegal Pyramid.
             Plaintiff represented by Terry Hamblin, Consumer Protection Division.
             Defendant represented by J. R. Hobbs, Marilyn B. Keller; Wytsch, Hobbs, Mirakian & Lee.
             Represented plaintiff as consultant. Plaintiff prevailed.
    Oberski, et al. vs. New Algae Company, dba Cell Tech Inc.
    Massachusetts Superior Court.  Case no. 98-294.
             Breach of Contract.
             Plaintiff represented by Lawrence Farber.
             Defendant represented by Jeff Kinder, Fierst & Pucci, LLP.
             Represented defendant. Plaintiff prevailed (was awarded $1.00).
    Longevity Network. vs. American Longevity.
    United States District Court. Case no. CV04-2404-SJO (REx)
             Trademark revocation.
             Plaintiff represented by Michael F. Maschio; Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C.
             Defendant represented by Michael A. Painter; Isaacman, Kaufman & Painter.
             Represented plaintiff. Testified at trial. Plaintiff prevailed.
    Fugo et al. v. Starlight International
    Superior Court of California, County of Monterey. Case no. M51539
             Wrongful termination.
             Plaintiff represented by David Eisenstein.
             Represented plaintiff. Testified to damages at trial. Plaintiff prevailed (awarded $650,000).
    XanGo vs. New Vision
    District Court of Utah, Case #2:04cv00405
             Patent infringement.
             Defendant represented by Edwin Wainscott, Quarles & Brady.
             Represented defendant. Defendant prevailed.
    Rasmus Rasmussen & HBW Marketing vs. Tahitian Noni International
    United States District Court, District of Utah. Case no. 2:04CV00241 PGC
             Breach of contract; Wrongful termination.
             Plaintiff represented by David Eisenstein.
             Represented plaintiff. Parties settled before trial.
    Action by IRS & US Postal Inspection Service vs. Michael Cooper (The Tax People).
             Agency liaison was: Henry Herron, Special Agent, Treasury Department
             5800 Bannister Road, Ste. 302, Kansas City, MO, 64134, 816-966-2535
             Fraud; Tax Evasion; Illegal Pyramid.
             Testified at trial as Witness for the Prosecution. Prosecution prevailed.
    Martin Malmskov vs. Tahitian Noni International
    United States District Court, District of Utah. Case no. 2:08-cv-00085-DS
             Breach of contract; Wrongful termination.
             Plaintiff represented by David Eisenstein.
             Representing plaintiff. Parties settled before trial.
    Doron Brenner v. Matt Rasmussen (distributor for ACN).
    California Superior Court, Santa Cruz County. Case no. CV165593
             Breach of Contract.
             Participated on behalf of the plaintiff. Parties settled before trial.
    AmeriPlan vs. Evelyn Walker, et al.
    116th Judicial District, Dallas County, TX. Cause no. DC-09-00761
             Breach of Contract; Tortious Interference.
             Participated on behalf of the plaintiff. Case abated day before trail.
    Matt Rasmussen v. Organo Gold, et al.
    United States District Court, Northern District of California. Case no. C-12-1104-HRL
             RICO Violation; Unfair Competition; Tortious Interference; Civil Conspiracy; Slander per se.
             Participated on behalf of the plaintiff. Parties settled before trial.
    Ron Heck & Nancy Heck v. AmeriPlan Corporation
    192nd Judicial District, Dallas County, TX. Cause no. DC-11-06280-K
             Breach of Contract; Fraud.
             Participated on behalf of the defendant. Case abated.
    United States v. Aneal V. Maharaj
    United States District Court, District of Nevada. Case no. 2:05-cr-0364-JCM-LRL
              Mail Fraud; Wire Fraud; Bank Fraud; Money Laundering.
              Participated on behalf of the defendant. Case settled per Plea Agreement.
    Christian Coffinet v. INS USA, Inc., Ola Madsen, et. al.
    Superior Court for the District of Los Angeles, CA. Case no. SC-111260
              Fraud; Illegal Pyramid.
              Participated on behalf of the plaintiff. Plaintiff prevailed.
    Nichole Aubert v. LifeWave, Inc.
    State Court of Gwinnett County, State of Georgia. Case no. 4C-01520-2
              Wrongful termination; Lost Income
              Participated on behalf of the defendant. Defendant prevailed.
    Robert Danuff v. Nerium International, et al.
    Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of Orange. Case no. 30-2013 00680970-CU-PO-CJC
              Negligence; Lost Income.
              Participating on behalf of the plaintiff. Case is currently active.
    Matthew Nestler v. Jeunesse Global, and Kevin Giguere
    Circuit Court for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, for Seminole County, Florida.
              Wrongful Termination; Lost Income.
              Participating on behalf of the plaintiff. Case is currently active.
    Lloyd E. Enke v. LifeWave, Inc.
    Superior Court of California, County of San Diego. Case no. 37-2014-00034387-CU-FR-CTL
              Illegal Pyramid; Fraud.
              Participating on behalf of the defendant. Case is currently active.
    Kelly Jessop, et al. v. Dallin Larsen, Henry Marsh, et al.
    United States District Court, District of Utah, Central Division. Case no. 2:14-cv-00916-BSJ
              Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Violations of ERISA.
              Participating on behalf of the plaintiff. Case is currently active.
    Optigenex Inc. v. bHIP Global, Inc.
    United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Case no. 4:15-cv-00221
              Trademark Infringement, Breach of Contract.
              Participated on behalf of the plaintiff as consultant. Engagement concluded.
    Janet K. Bono vs. LemonGrass Spa Products, LLC
    American Arbitration Association; Case # 01-15-0003-5801
              Wrongful Termination; Damages.
              Participating on behalf of the plaintiff. Case is currently active.
  • Non-MLM Related Work Experience
    PC Time, Inc.
    San Francisco, CA (1985-1991)
    Owner and CEO.
    Computer time rental and training facility.
    Founded the first hourly computer rental facility in San Francisco with only $25,000 in seed capital. Launched the company one month early and 16% under budget. The company was profitable by its sixth month and remained so until I sold my ownership share in August of 1991.
    Dynamite Promotions, Inc.
    Novato, CA (1979-1982)
    Owner and CEO.
    Marketing and Promotions company.
    Provided marketing & promotion solutions to local businesses involving barter arrangements. Founded and organized annual “Super Roll” soapbox derby races where participants were sponsored by local businesses in exchange for various promotional considerations. I also introduced the concept of having bread companies donate wrappers to major Bay Area newspapers to use on rainy days (extensive, focused and inexpensive advertising for the bread company, and free wrappers for the newspaper). This concept is now practiced by publishers throughout the United States.