An objective review of Wake Up Now by a non-participant.

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Inside Wake Up Now

An Objective Review By Len Clements © 2014 Disclosure: The time and expense involved with researching, analyzing and producing this review of Wake Up Now was funded, in part, by several competing network marketing companies. However, my reviews are never written to serve any other agenda than to portray the review subject in the most […]

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Inside Empower Network

A Rare, Authentic, Objective Review by a Non-Participant By Len Clements © 2013 Around August of 2012, not long after Zeek Rewards was hit with the regulatory trifecta (the SEC charged them with being a pyramid scheme, and Ponzi scheme, and an unregistered security), I began to receive an ascending number of inquiries concerning Empower […]

Zeek Rewards Exposé

Len Clements © 2012 In the 21 years I have been analyzing and reviewing network marketing programs I don’t believe I have ever received more requests for commentary on any single opportunity, over any six month period, than I have for ZeekRewards. Nor do I believe there has been as many assumptions, and as much […]

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