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In Defence of the FDA (2014)
Wake Up Now Review (2014)
Empower Network Review (2013)
MLM gniniarT: Why Is It Provided Bass Ackwards? (2013)
Bill Ackman vs. Herblife: Another Bogus Short Seller Attack (2012)
Zeek Rewards Exposé (2012)
Monitium Review (2011)
Numis Network Update (2010)
Numis Network Review (2010)
Ponzi vs. Pyramid (2012)
The Four Major Major Fears of Starting Your Own Business (2009)
Mission Impossible–Cheating in China Rebuttal (2008)
ABC News MLM Article Response (2008)
Rebuttal to National Business Review Article (2007)
Rebuttal to FDI YouTube Videos (2007)
Rebuttal to Jon Taylor’s Response (2007)
Rebuttal to Robert Fitzpatrick’s Usana Analysis (2007)
Rebuttal to FDI Response–Round 3 (2007)
Rebuttal to FDI Response–Round 2 (2007)
Rebuttal to FDI Usana Report (2007)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 11–Overview (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 10–Others (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 9–Jon Taylor (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 8–Jon Taylor (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 7–MLMSurvivor.com (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 6–MLMSurvivor.com (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 5–Ruth Carter (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 4–Robert FitzPatrick (2005))
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 3–Robert FitzPatrick (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 2–Robert FitzPatrick (2005)
Anti-MLM Zealots Part 1–Dean Van Druff (2005)
The Australian Two-Up Plan: Illusions of Grandeur (2005)
Silent Sirens: The Scarcity of Women Among the Scams (2007, 2008)
Product Return ‘Gotchas’ (2008)
GasUp USA: Points of Concern (2003)
The Diamond of Needs (1992)
Don’t Diligence (2000)
Begging To Be Mislead (2002)
The Quintessential Qualifying Question (2002)
The Coming MLM Boom! (2002)
TTP: Response & Rebuttal (2001)
The ‘Duplicatable System’ Myth (2000)
The Binary & The Law: A Guilt by Association (2000)
MLM Ignorance (2002)
The Tax People: A Case Study (2000)
An In-Depth Analysis of Compressed Pay Plans (2000)
How Toxic is Your Spaghetti Sauce? (2000)
MLM Product Claims (2000)
Working Multiple MLM Programs: A Gross Fallacy of Logic (1998)
Why Internet Based MLM Opportunities Will Never Work (2003)
The Extinction of Excellence? (1997)
The MLM Name Game: Have We Reached Saturation? (1999)
Romantic Semantics: Deciphering MLM’s Secret Language (1999)
MLM Defense (aka MLM Judo) (1999)
The Hype Cycle Revs Up (1999)
The Art of the MLM Deal (1996)
MLM Gimmicks: The Truth Behind All Those Screwy Deals (2000)
Does MLM Make Us GOOFY? (1995)
Personal Consumption and the 70% Rule (1999, 2004)
Regulatory Red Flags: How Many Is Your Company Waving? (1997)
Courting MLM: Are We Ever Going to Get Married? (2001)
MLM Advertising – Are We Shooting Ourselves in the Foot? (1996)
MLM Products: Shouldn’t We Be Ashamed? (2001)
Pyramid, Ponzi, & Investment Schemes: Is One Hiding Behind Your MLM Program? (1997)
Downline Pirates: The Scourge of the Industry (1999)
How Much Money Are You Making? And Other Completely Useless Questions (1998)
MLM Start Ups: Are They Strangling The Industry (1995)
How to Add 1,000 People to Your Downline Each and Every Week – Seriously! (1996)
The BIG Lie (1993)
10,000 UNRECRUITED Heavy Hitters – And No One is Calling Them (1998)
Win The Race – By Staying in One Place! (1996)
Why Is It? (1993)
MLM Failures: Who’s Really Responsible? (1993)
The A-B-C Technique (1994, 2001)

  • 1stbassoon

    Bravo! Thank you so very much for the brilliant rebuttal arguments to the anti-MLM zealots, especially Dean VanDruff who basis his MLM rancor supposedly on Biblical grounds. I’m so tired of people like him using scripture to attack success and achievement. It makes me sick. It makes me even more sick that if you type MLM in a Google search a plethora of anti-MLM zealots that pop up right away, but few defenders, such as yourself, pop up – this despite the fact that this industry and provided economic independence for untold thousands.

    • Thank you. Keep in mind, this Anti-MLM Zealot series was written over 8 years ago. A great deal of new information, and legal precedence, has developed since then that make their anti-MLM arguments even more intellectually dishonest.

      • 1stbassoon

        Thanks, but I just got into the business and just found your website. Ironically, one off the things that kept me away from MLM was the nonsense preached by some of these folks.

  • G00DG0D

    Poor mlm-goers, can ANY of so-called ‘millions successful’ provide his Tax Return, eh? Suck it deep, my down.

    • Umm… What?

      • 1stbassoon

        Nevermind him, Len. Probably another Bible thumper trying to twist scripture to make it sound like we’re supposed to be poor.

    • 1stbassoon

      I wonder of G00DG0D would ask the same thing of any successful business or business owner(s) or is his comment only directed toward “mlm-goers?” If it’s the later (and I suspect it is) methinks he shows his prejudice right there. Or, it could be that his mind is made up such that he can’t be bothered with the facts.

    • My tax deductions will exceed the average 9-5 worker’s gross-income this year. If you file W-2 tax forms you have no room to belittle entrepreneurs. You aren’t even in the same tax bracket as we are, so you probably won’t understand my tax return if I showed you. http://www.DreamThenWakeUp.com

    • Marcus Jones

      Being a 1099 earner as opposed to a W2 wage earner is great!