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Leonard W. Clements


Twenty-five years experience as an industry consultant,
speaker, author, analyst, consumer advocate and trainer.




Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes

What’s a Pyramid Scheme? (Video)
What’s a Ponzi Scheme? (Video)
What’s an Illegal Security? (Video)
Nutritional Product Claims (Video)
Income Claims (Video)
Pyramid vs. Ponzi: Definition & Delineation
Pyramid, Ponzi & Investment Schemes
Case Study: Zeek Rewards
Case Study: Wake Up Now
Case Study: Empower Network
Case Study: Pre-Paid Legal
Case Study: YTB Travel
Case Study: USANA vs Minkow
Case Study: GasUpUSA
Case Study: The Tax People

Wrongful Termination/Damages

Case Study: Fugo vs. Starlight


$225.00 per hour
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$1,500.00 per day, 8 hour maximum
(50% for travel days)

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“Len Clements’s influence in the network marketing industry cannot be understated. I can say with 100% certainty that Len is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the country with respect to the direct sales industry. In addition to his specialty of creating compensation plans for startup companies, Len is incredibly well versed in the law. When it comes to the particular needs faced by startup companies, Len has a lot to offer.”

        —  Kevin Thompson — MLM Attorney
        See entire Thompson testimonial HERE.

“I hired Len Clements for my case against the former president of now defunct INS-USA. Mr Clements did such an OUTSTANDING job that his expert declaration and detailed explanation were the centerpiece to Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Stone awarding us $2.2M out of $2.1M asked for!

I did a lot of shopping around and found a lot of overcharging and downright questionable experts. I was losing hope a bit, when someone told me to contact MLM attorney Kevin Thompson. Thank God, he referred me to Len Clements!

I endorse Len Clements wholeheartedly, and recommend him to anyone needing a Multilevel Marketing Expert. He is very knowledgeable, intelligent, very easy to work with, reasonably priced, and a great human being, which is, where, I my humble opinion, it all begins.”

         —  Christian Coffinet

“I have spent 31 consecutive years in the industry to include 10 years publishing the industry trade journal, a 64 page monthly, full color magazine entitled Multi Level Marketing News Magazine. In this capacity I did much consulting on Compensation Plan development, but that was many years ago. When the time came that I felt the need to suggest changes to a comp plan for a company I was involved with I researched the various known consultants in the industry. I narrowed my selection to three talented and knowledgeable individuals and finally selected Len Clements. I was not only impressed with his depth of knowledge but his diligence to working with myself and several of the top leaders of this company to make suggestions that truly went to the heart of using compensation as an incentive for the right activities. I believe Len has the knowledge and the breadth of experience to be a valuable asset to any company desiring to stay up to date on what truly moves a distributor force to continue promoting the right activities for growth and would highly recommend his services.”        

         —  Rick Walsh

“Lifeis India has chosen Len Clements as a consultant because of his reputation as an alert and critical MLM expert, but we were concerned that an American compensation consultant might not understand the economic and cultural specifics of our country. India is not one country – India is many countries. Len has with great patience and understanding helped to evolve our project. His advice and insights have been invaluable and have went well beyond just the design of our compensation plan. Our decision to seek his advice was the best decision we could have made.”

         —  Frank Eschenhagen — COO Lifeis India Pltd.

“Len was a huge asset for our team. We had arguably one of the hardest decisions to make as a new network marketing organization – stall with the current plan, or bite the bullet and change plans – just as we were moving into our launch phase.

With sound logic, and deft handling of a wide array of different personalities and strategic objectives, Len was instrumental in guiding us to create what may be the most effective and generous compensation plan in the industry. Our legal counsel said it was a ‘Thermo-nuclear comp plan.’ We’re very proud of our plan and Len has provided wise counsel, on-time deliverables, competent guidance and stand-up service at every step from design to writing the pre-code version to working with Infotrax to complete the back-end.  

Thanks Len, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

        —  The team at