AVON Leaves DSA [V2-N2]


A discussion of AVON’s departure from the Direct Selling Association. This presents a different take on this subject than is being presented by most other commentators.

Wake Up Now Review [V2-N1]


An objective review of Wake Up Now by a non-participant.

Empower Network Review [V1-N9]


A rare, authentic, objective review of Empower Network by a non-participant.

Corporate Hype [V1-N8]


An analysis of corporate hype within the MLM industry, including a series of real world examples. Many MLM companies are masterful in making claims that are technically true, but not always entirely true. This segment offers a number of ways to detect such deceptions and how to get to the truth. For the record, this applies to a minority of MLM companies (but still too many).

Income Claims [V1-N7]


A detailed recital of all rules and regulations regarding income claims as they relate to the network marketing (MLM) industry. Included are the limited conditions within which income claims can be legally made.


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Nutritional Product Claims [V1-N6]


What we can and (mostly) can’t say about dietary supplement products, and why. This is likely going to be upsetting to some, and shocking to most. Please remember, I’m just the messenger.

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Case Study: Zeek Rewards [V1-N5]


An analysis of what defines an illegal pyramid, Ponzi scheme, and security, using Zeek Rewards as a case study. My Zeek Rewards expose can be read here: http://www.insidenm.com/alerts/alert-210-8202012/

What’s an Illegal Security? [V1-N4]


What is the definition of a “security”, when and how is offering one illegal, and how this might apply to network marketing.

What’s a Ponzi Scheme? [V1-N3]


What defines an illegal Pyramid Scheme and Ponzi Scheme are often used synonymously, when in fact they are very different types of illegal schemes. The MLM opportunity you are considering, or involved in, might not be a Pyramid Scheme, but may still be a Ponzi Scheme disguised as a legitimate MLM program. In this video you will learn what the difference is, and what to look for.

What’s a Pyramid Scheme? [V1-N2]


What defines an illegal pyramid scheme and how to differentiate between an illegal pyramid and a legitimate MLM opportunity.