Podcast #17: Monitium Portfolio Review

Host: Len Clements

A critical, in-depth review of the Monitium portfolio program.

Podcast #18: Bethany College to Offer Degree Course in MLM

Host: Len Clements; Guest: Prof. David Frost

Bethany College to offer marketing degree with emphasis on MLM. First accredited, 4-year undergraduate college to do so.

Podcast #19: Shorting MLM; Fake MLM Gurus

Host: Len Clements

David Einhorn, Barry Minkow, Herbalife, USANA, shorting public MLM companies, Fake MLM Gurus, vetting our industry leaders.

Podcast #20: Defense of the Binary Plan

Host: Len Clements

Rebuttals to anti-binary commentary made by Blake Mallen, Jeff Olson, Lou Abbott and XanGo corporate.

Podcast #25: BK Boreyko in “The Kitchen”

Host: Len Clements; Kitchen Guest: Vemma Founder & CEO BK Boreyko